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With CRM, you can leave behind the constraints of your desk. Since it is cloud based, you have access to all your data and information no matter where you are! With its 24x7 access to the software, it is easy to handle all your business activities at one place.
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What is CRM ??

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software refers to a technological solution that help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. CRM softwares are considered as a tool that improves productivity and overall business functionality
Web based CRM allows you to perform sales management customer service management, post sales support and to administrate your marketing campaigns.
CRM has been targeting Small Business Companies for complete business automating solution. Being a web based CRM software, the product helps in streamlining you day to day business activities with its various features serving all types of industries and focusing on sales, marketing and customer service automation.

Modules of CRM

Lead Generation & Management
To automate the lead generation tasks and pipelines, to generate leads and maximize business & profits, a CRM software manages these efficiently
Easy login facilities
Every user can login with his username and password. There is no requirement for lengthy sign up or login processes
Invoice Creation
Creating invoices can become mind-boggling at times. A CRM software will allow you to create invoices effortless and error-free
Sales Tracking
All the sales processes can be managed at one place with easy and simplified tracking options. Marketing teams often use CRM to measure Return On Investment (ROI). Moreover, it also depicts if you have been targeting the right audiences in the right industry
Customer Management
Contact information of all customers can be accessible by every person in the organisation
Expense Management
In a growing business keeping a track of finances is paramount. It becomes imperative to know how much money is spent on which activities. NLET CRM designed in an elementary way helps the Admin keep such records without exhausting the database
Support System
Ticket-based complaints can be raised which can then resolved within stipulated time based on the SLAs defined and mutually agreed upon

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